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We connect female tech founders and social impact entrepreneurs with the right investors for their businesses.

As an entrepreneur

If you are a female-led tech startup or social impact entrepreneur, we can help you find the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

As an investor

If you’re an investor, we can connect you with 6,000+ female-led tech startups and social impact projects from around the world.

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As an entrepreneur, you can:

  Get in touch with the right investors for your business
  Receive training from dedicated business mentors
  Join members-only webinars led by investment experts
  Pitch your startup online to potential investors
  Connect with other startups

As an investor, you can:

  Connect with 3,000+ female-led tech startups
  Find 3,000+ social impact projects from around the world
  Discover early stage, Series A and Series B startups
  Learn about innovative business models and ideas that are shaping the future
  Make a positive contribution to society

Find profitable investment opportunities across all sectors.

Check out some of the businesses that are looking for seed, series A or series B funding.


Personalized meal kits that make healthy eating easy

Elementaree inspires you to eat healthily through meal kits delivered to your doorstep.


AI-powered personalised nutrition for patients

Menutech is a menu planning software for driving personalised nutrition in hospitals and care homes.


Equipping girls with transferable digital skills

EraseAllKittens is a learning game that teaches kids aged 8-14 coding and digital skills. It’s a revolutionary game that inspires girls (and boys) to code, preparing them for 21st century degrees and careers.

Story City

Transforming streets into adventures

Story City is a platform for location-based storytelling. It turns cities into vibrant places that you can explore and interact with.


Futuraex is an early stage fintech startup, offering access to regulated derivatives and providing risk management tools to businesses.

Join one of our upcoming events.

Founders2founders talk

Founders2Founders Talk

Founders2Founders talk. An online event organized by Impulse4Women where successful female founders will be sharing their experiences and journeys to success.

Why boardrooms need more Women.

Why boardrooms need more Women?
An online session with Melanie Whittaker on how to make boards more diverse and inclusive.

Learn how to leverage your feminine energy to succeed

How to leverage your feminine energy to succeed? Tilde Guajardo will discuss ways women founders and investors can leverage their authentic feminine energy to succeed in both business and life.

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