We give female and social impact entrepreneurs the tools they need to find investment for their startup. We do this by connecting them with the right investors at the right time.

Our goal is to increase investments into female-led tech startups and social impact projects.

OUR VISION is to break barriers for female and social impact entrepreneurs. We believe that superior investment performance can be achieved by providing investment opportunities in women-led startups and social impact projects.

Our platform supports female tech founders and social impact projects at all investment stages,with the aim of creating a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future.

Our aim by 2022 is to have an ecosystem of 1,450 investors as potential sources of funding for startups.

OUR STORY begins when Impulse4Women was created in 2017 with the aim of increasing investment opportunities for female tech entrepreneurs and social enterprises. We found that there was a clear difference in the relationship female entrepreneurs had with investors compared to their male counterparts. Very quickly a movement started to see Venture Capital investment in women-run businesses in the tech industry grow with the aim of reaching 35% of investments obtained by startups.

Impulse4Women is a non-profit that was born out of a desire to level the playing field. We want to enable investors to easily access the female startup ecosystem and leverage the power of the female network effect. We support every stage of startup development, providing them with the tools to increase their chances of securing funding.


We have a variety of different experiences and expertise in order to support entrepreneurs and work effectively with investors.

Executive Board

Our backgrounds are in different sectors but we all have some sort of deep expertise in technology, investment, and/or entrepreneurship.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of industry experts from around the world. We have combined specialists from the tech and social impact sectors to create a diverse,knowledgeable and global team that represents our global ambitions. They support our events and help us to ensure the quality of the services we are providing to female tech entrepreneurs, the founders of social impact projects and socially-conscious investors.

Ambassadors on the Board

Impulse4Women ambassadors are influencers in the technology sector who support female-led companies and social impact entrepreneurship. They are helping us to grow our ecosystem of investors and startups.

Media Appearances


Business Talk Magazine

“A society that does not allow women to reach their potential, misses out on tremendous new possibilities, economic development, and job creation.”
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Insights Success

«We can speak that we are in a technological revolution, many new technological tools have arreived to solve a transitory situtation»
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El Español

“En primer lugar, desde que estalló la oleada de feminismo, en 2018, la mujer ha tomado consciencia de que existe –sea como emprendedora, directiva o inversora– y también hay más hombres que apoyan la causa y quieren estar ahí”
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