All coming from diverse backgrounds with interdisciplinary expertise. Our team combines experiences in both impact and tech businesses.

Adelaide Abena Frimpomaa

Ghana - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  GHANA

A tour de force in the startup ecosystem in Ghana. Strong connections with maker spaces, IT developers and startup incubators across the country. Currently the Community Associate of Ghana Tech Lab, a collaborative space for growing and nurturing startups. Co-Founder of ScaleUp Africa, a startup that connects African startups with investors, accelerators and incubators. Co-Founder of Street and Homeless Shelter Foundation, a not-for-profit advocating for the rights of the people living on the streets in Accra, Ghana.

Ali Parandeh

File:Flag of Iran.svg - Wikimedia Commons  IRAN
Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN

An entrepreneur at heart with 25 years of experience as a software developer, SaaS & Internet services. Currently startup mentor / Advisor.  I help entrepreneurs with their business plans and strategy. Having won numerous public speaking awards, I also help with pitch decks and pitching skills, making entrepreneurs shine and secure investment funding rounds.

Anna Gishko

Archivo:Flag of Russia.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  RUSSIA

A proactive problem solver interested in making the world a better place. 10+ years of progressive experience in VC, business finance, advisory in tech, FMCG and consulting in a dynamic sales and multinational environment.

Annegien Blokpoel

Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS

Hands-on business angel and strategy advisor to international tech startups. Banker, Director IR & CC of two listed companies (AEX, Bel20, NYSE) with over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Author of a number of books, papers and educational programs on value & organizational growth. Currently on the board of 3 startups and regularly acts as a speaker, moderator, jury member and trainer in international settings.

Beatriz Monsalve

Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN

PhD in electrical engineering, an expert on microwave imaging. Bringing research to market through technology transfer. More than 15 years of experience working in academia and industry in Spain and the UK.

Caroline Williams

Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS

Driven by digital inclusion, social justice, responsible entrepreneurship and ethical use of technology. Currently runs The Do Good Only Company in the Netherlands. A strong preference for action, good coffee and challenging conversations so we can strengthen our communities together.

Cecilia Tham

Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN
Archivo:Flag of Hong Kong.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  HONK KONG
Archivo:Flag of the United States.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre USA

Principal at Futurity Studio and former Senior Social Technologist at Alpha Telefonica Innovation. A serial entrepreneur and founder of companies such as MOB; the largest co-working community in Barcelona, FabCafe; digital fabrication lab meets coffee shop, and; an AI and tech training school for women by women to build the next generation of female leaders in tech. Currently on the SXSW advisory board.

Dana Wang

flag of China | Britannica CHINA

Founder and CEO of Solver Information Platform. Holds a Master’s in Financial Management from RSM (the Netherlands) and a Bachelor’s in Commerce with double majors in Marketing and Information Systems from the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Over 15 years’ work experience in the financial services industry. Knowledgeable in both private equity and securities markets in China.

Ekata Shah

Archivo:Flag of India.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  INDIA

Director of Orena Solutions. Technopreneur and educationist. Works on human talent with technological training and research. Named a Women Entrepreneur of Gujarat and IVLP Alumni for Women in Technology.

Elena Köstler

Archivo:Flag of Germany.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  GERMANY
Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS

Amsterdam-based Cognitive Neuropsychologist and Founder of Niluk app. Niluk is a social network platform that facilitates friendships between young adults (18-34y) by boosting meaningful offline social contact. Her mission is to combat loneliness and to measure social impact with AI.

Eva Bandelj

Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS

Based out of Amsterdam. Currently working as Head of Innovation Ecosystem at Startupbootcamp and Innoleaps. Passionate about all things startup. Actively mentors and engages with the tech community internationally, advocating the importance of corporate-startup collaboration, access to funding, knowledge exchange, diversity and inclusion, and especially women in tech.

Gemma Rubio

Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS
Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN

Loves creating and bringing ideas to life. With more than 15 years of experience in marketing and Customer Experience, her main purpose is to help entrepreneurs and C-Level managers successfully achieve their goal of creating strong brands.

Grazia Rendo

Archivo:Flag of the Netherlands.png - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  THE NETHERLANDS
Archivo:Flag of Italy.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  ITALY

Italian entrepreneur who managed Italian construction company Co.Ge.I for 15 years. Majority Founder of the film company Orchidea. President of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Platforms in Brussels. Part of an Italian/European network designed to mentor female entrepreneurs (BE WIN). Member of the Board for UNESCO’s Intercultural Euro Mediterranean Centre.

Ieva Sibilla Strupule

Archivo:Flag of Latvia.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  LATVIA
File:Flag of Norway (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons  NORWAY

Serial entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and sustainability enthusiast. Founder of Material Mapper, a B2B startup that facilitates construction material reuse and circularity at scale. A Global Shaper recognized by the World Economic Forum.

Ilana Milkes

Archivo:Flag of Colombia.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  COLOMBIA

MIT Innovator U35, self-taught software designer with studies in finance and history. Pioneered coding boot camps in LATAM with World Tech Makers and also founded ePioneers.

Irina Yashina

Archivo:Flag of Russia.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  RUSSIA

Venture nanny in Russia and CIS (helping IT startups to build, grow and fundraise the first VC rounds). Managing the portfolio in the Untitled ventures (seed VC fund). Building a female tech community in Russia.

Isabel Álvarez

Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN

Entrepeneur, lawyer and psychologist who has dedicated her entire life to improving
the lives of the most vulnerable. Founder of Professional Work, an HR company that has employed thousands of people since 1994.
Together with the ONCE (Spanish National Organization for the Blind), she was a
shareholder and board member of Novatex, a company that provided jobs to women at risk of exclusion and people with disabilities.
Great knowledge of the European and American markets

Jeanette Okwu

Archivo:Flag of Germany.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  GERMANY

Co-Founder and CMO of 1nfluencers, a marketing tech platform that connects companies with the right influencers by using technology and, most importantly, data. 20+ years of experience developing and implementing new technologies and digital marketing strategies for A-List customers from the entertainment, automotive, luxury and consumer goods industries in the USA.

Karen Eksteen

Archivo:Flag of South Africa.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  SOUTH AFRICA

Founding CEO of Innocircle & Impactcircle. Passion for entrepreneurship, new venture creation, technology innovation and skills development to improve the innovation capacity in South Africa & Africa.

Kirsi Ekberg

File:Flag of Finland (bordered).svg - Wikimedia Commons  FINLAND

Mother. Entrepreneur. Developer. Dreamer. Doer creating impact with startups such as Vilike, & Atlantisat.

Mangala Tambe

Archivo:Flag of India.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  INDIA

Holds a Master’s in Social Work and Diploma in CSR and Sustainability from Sweden. Worked on sustainable development and social performance programs across oil & gas, textiles and health care industries for 18 years. Instrumental in strategizing and streamlining the corporate social responsibility initiatives of companies.

Michał Ratajczak

File:Flag of Poland (bordered 2).svg - Wikipedia  POLAND

Michal is COO & co-founder of Gridaly, a Polish startup that created an interactive platform designed to organize virtual & hybrid conferences, congresses, fairs and university open days. Gridaly focuses on delivering a unique social experience without even leaving your home.

Miriam Miranda

Flag of Spain - Wikipedia  SPAIN

Digital coach and mentor. 15+ years experience in digital transformation, technology, leadership and people’s performance. Before being the Business Process Improvement Director at Elements GS, she was Head of Quality at IWG (Regus) and Nestle. A strong supporter of women in business and passionate about empowering others to succeed.

Moojan Asghari

File:Flag of Iran.svg - Wikimedia Commons  IRAN
Archivo:Flag of France.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  FRANCE

A tech entrepreneur born in Iran and based in Paris. Launched several companies including Women in AI, a global non-profit organization to close the gender gap in AI.

Nathalie Feldman

File:Flag of Israel (bordered).svg - Wikimedia Commons  ISRAEL
Archivo:Flag of Denmark.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  DENMARK

Entrepreneur, motivator, traveler and a big dreamer. Founder and CEO of Salvatio Push, a big supporter of the finding solution to fight the violence against women and other vulnerable groups of people. Used to work as an expatriate on international telecommunication project development in C.I.S. countries.

Sarah Selhi

File:Flag of Canada (3-2).svg - Wikimedia Commons  CANADA

Over 25 years of experience in sales, management, marketing and operations including as General Manager at the startup Mainstream Media, which brought linear television online with a social media platform. Also a co-owner of a successful fitness franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp. A salesperson by nature. Passionate about the environment, tech and the disruption of traditional mindsets.

Susan Macdonald

Flag of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia  UK

Sustainable business expert. Co-Founder of Global Bright Futures, which aims to create commercial solutions for sustainable business transformation. NatWest GBEA ‘Entrepreneur For Good’ Award finalist in 2019. Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor.

Susan Oh

Archivo:Flag of the United States.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  USA

Digital nomad providing blockchain services to teams in Bali, St Lucia and Zurich and AI/robotics expertise to teams in LA/SF. All serve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #8, which aims to achieve financial inclusion and to end modern slavery.

Tilde Guajardo

Archivo:Flag of the United States.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  USA

Entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and passionate traveler. Loves to inspire entrepreneurs around the world to believe in themselves, so they can bring their best selves and ideas to life.

Tina Ruseva

Archivo:Flag of Germany.svg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre  GERMANY

Founder & CEO of Mentessa, New Work Festival Host, Expert Adviser to the European Commission & author of the book “Big Heart Ventures: Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship for the Next Age of Technology”.

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